The Truth About Doctor Directed Weight Loss Programs

Look at the statistics:

Over 65% of the population is now considered to be at least 15 pounds overweight. Source:

In the last 20 years, the number of adults considered obese has doubled, and since 1980 the number of children considered obese has tripled. Those numbers should astound anyone.

The Doctor Directed 14day Weight Loss Program asked the question…Why, what is the reason for this massive weight shift? The answer is Probably Not What You Think.

Don’t spend another minute blaming yourself. Diet, fitness, and the medical industry’s weight loss techniques is a trillion-dollar industry. It’s run from big office buildings full of heartless corporate numbers-crunchers. They don’t see you as a person. Heck… they don’t even see you as a customer… To them, you’re a number with a dollar sign attached to it.

Dirty Weight Loss Industry Secrets

In fact the dirty little secret they’ll never tell you is… “The diet industry, The processed food industry, The fast-food industry Yes Even The medical Industry NEEDS You To Stay Fat.”

If you actually dropped the fat and got in the best shape of your life… they lose a customer!

Fail at your weight loss efforts… and it’s “cha-ching” For THEM. Now they can sell you Powders… drugs… potions…liposuction… gastric bypass….heart surgery…and more drugs along with Ab busting exercise machines… ab zappers…point systems… Cardio DVDs… The list goes on.

It’s overwhelming… and confusing…Old salesmen have a saying… “Confusion sells a product.” Keeping the regular people like us confused keeps us fat… And keeping people fat means those companies, and hospitals get richer and richer. Confusion is very good for them… very bad for the rest of us.

Now is the time to help you! Real answers can be found inside the Doctor Directed 14day Weight Loss Program. You can learn exactly what kind of exercises work for fat loss and which ones don’t. You will discover the truth about which foods actually increase your metabolism. That’s right if you eat the right food you will lose weight.

What is needed for real weight loss?

1. You Need The Right Information and Reliable Advice.
2. You Need The Right Step By Step Process and Approved Tools.
3. You Need The Right Support, Ongoing Encouragement, and Professional Coaching.

Janie McFarley

Janie McFarley

Janie is a health enthusiast who enjoys spending time outdoors and learning about how to keep the body in top peak performance.